It is with pleasure that I welcome you to read the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority’s Handbook and Port Directory 2019/2021.

This publication and its carefully crafted content will not only give you insight into our operations but will give you inspiration.

SLASPA has recently celebrated its 35th Anniversary, and although we are faced with many challenges we are poised and more aptly positioned to deliver to the world. As the Leader of this organization I am blessed and honoured to have the privilege to lead a competent and responsible team of young and vibrant people, who understand our integral and unique position as a Port Authority in this beautiful island of Saint Lucia.

We manage the gateways which connect visiting tourist, our business partners and the wider world, a responsibility we take very seriously recognizing that sustainability of Saint Lucia’s economy and its people is dependent on how we manage the Ports.

The past 35 years SLASPA has realised significant progress, however over the past two years SLASPA has made its greatest investments yet.

These investments will not only secure our position among the best ports in the Caribbean by adding value to Saint Lucia’s Tourism Product but also meet the needs of our people through community development and wealth creation.

One such project, the extension of the Pointe Seraphine Berth No.1 has allowed for the entry and berthing of mega cruise vessels. We have also embarked on another major project which will further develop the island’s infrastructure; the modernisation of the Hewanorra International Airport will produce a new, modern and state of the art facility with inspiration from our very own national tree, the Calabash.

The facility is expected to cater to the continual increase in visitors to the island and create jobs for the duration of construction and beyond.

We have also made improvements at the Ferry Terminal which now facilitates the operation of a new ferry service. We are also considering the possibility of relocating and/or upgrading the cargo operations of the Port, in that regard a feasibility study has been conducted to determine the possibility.

We will also realise further product development at the Hewanorra International Airport, the addition of a Fixed Base Operation.

We have not only focused on the development of our infrastructure but we are very concerned in the advancement of our human resources.

We will continue to invest in our people through training and development initiatives. An employee wellness programme is accessible throughout the year which includes a fitness component. We believe that our employees need to be well rounded individuals and encourage a holistic approach to wellness.

This is vital because they provide the customer service which will equate to an experience be it positive or negative. At SLASPA we have made significant strides to provide a customer experience that is unique with the highest standards possible.

We believe in stakeholder engagement and through our corporate communications keep our stakeholders informed.

We have also taken the time to listen, through various forums which encourage feedback from all users of our facilities.

We have installed Customer Feedback Boxes around our facilities because we want to hear from you, your feedback will determine our success. We also have active social media platforms and a text messaging platform for port users on the move, in an effort to engage and inform.

This handbook publication is pivotal as it records the commencement of some major projects for the organisation.

Our outlook is positive, there is much to look forward to as we hope to realise developments in Port Castries as a Cruise or Destination Port.

We encourage you to keep reading and share with friends and colleagues as we give you more insight into the future of the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority.

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